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Dec.16. 2013

CS 7495 Done! 3 Class Reports & Presentations here!
Project 1: Indoor Localization using Optical Flow [Paper] [PPT] [Video]
Project 2: Hand Pose Classification in Egocentric Video [Paper] [PPT]
Project 3: IMU-Reinforced Monocular Visual SLAM for Mobile Device [Paper] [PPT]
Selected Undergrad Projects

Preliminary Design of 200-seat Class Supersonic Airliner

Course: Aerocraft Preliminary Design

In the course “Aerocraft Preliminary Design”, we designed a commercial 200-seat supersonic airliner. Firstly Conventional layout without horizontal tail was chosen, then the size of every parts of the plane was designed. The cabin was designed according to FAA standard and ergonomic rules. One kind of commercial jet engine was chosen for the airliner. The airliner’s flight performance was checked and optimized by commercial CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. This supersonic airliner has better flight performance and more payload than “Concorde”, and it can be used for Trans-Atlantic flight and Trans-Pacific flight.


Autopilot System Design and Simulation for Fighter F-16 “Falcon”

Course: Dynamics and Control of Flight

In the course “Dynamics and Control of Flight”, we designed a multi-functional autopilot system for Fighter F-16 “Falcon”. According to published F-16 wind tunnel aerodynamic data, aerodynamic model of F-16 was built. Secondly linearization was done and state space model of the aircraft was got. Damper and stabilizer was design to improve stability of the aircraft. Autopilot which can navigate the aircraft automatically was design. We built the aircraft’s model and the controller in MATLAB Simulink, and tested the autopilot using Simulink. We think this autopilot system can be used in real F-16 fighter. (although we don’t have one......)


Optimization and Simulation of Space Docking Mission with “Tiangong-1” Space Station and “Shenzhou-8” Spaceship

Course: Dynamics of Spacecraft

In the course “Dynamics of Spacecraft”, we designed and optimized the procedure of Space Docking Mission with “Tiangong-1” Space Station and “Shenzhou-8” Spaceship. MATLAB Genetic Algorithms toolbox / Simulated Annealing toolbox were used to optimize the procedure. 1 orbit transfer, 2 orbit transfers and 4 orbit transfers were applied to this mission. MATLAB toolbox were used to optimize the procedure to save fuel. In this homework we archived the least fuel consumption under several restrictions in this mission.