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Jing Dong

Hi! This is Jing's personal webpage. Now I’m a First year PhD student in Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines, College of Computing, Georgia Tech. My advisor is Prof. Frank Dellaert. My research interests include Computer Vision and Robotics. Now I'm working on 3D-reconstruction and visual navigation of quadrotor.

I got my Bachelor of Engineering degree in School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University, Beijing. During that time I have worked on Unman Micro Aero Vehicles, Vision-controlled Aircrafts and Computer Vision.

Previously I was also a visiting student at Computational Perception Lab, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. I’m being advised by Prof. James Rehg. I was also a Research Assistant at Nano Physics and Device Lab, institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Science where I worked with Prof. Hongjun Gao, and Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan where I worked with Prof. Ting-Jen Yeh


2013.08 - present
Ph.D., College of Computing, Georgia Insitute of Technology.
Major: Computer Science,
2008.08 - 2012.07
B.E., School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University.
Major: Engineering Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering,

[1] Dong, J., Yao, Z. H., Yang, T. Z., Jiang, L. L., & Shen, C. M. Control of Superhydrophilic and Superhydrophobic Graphene Interface. Scientific Report, Vol. 3, Article 1733. [URL] [PDF]
[2] Jiang, L. L., Yang, T. Z., Liu, F., Dong, J., Yao, Z. H., Shen, C. M., Deng, S. Z., Xu, N. S., Liu, Y. Q. & Gao, H. J. Controlled Synthesis of Large-Scale, Uniform, Vertically Standing Graphene for High-Performance Field Emitters. Advanced Materials, Vol.25, Issue 2, 250-255, 2012. [URL] [PDF]
[3] Dong, J., Hu, C. H., Chen, J. S., Hao, H. W., & Ma, Y. Edge preserving filtering by combining filters for Magnetic Resonance Image. 4th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP11), Vol.2, 676-681, 2011. [URL] [PDF]

Georgia Institute of Technology

Robotics & Intelligent Machines
Computational Perception Lab


School of Aerospace
Department of Electronic Engineering

Nano Physics & Devices Lab
Dynamic Systems and Control Lab
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