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Edge Preserving Filtering by Combining Filters for MRI Image

Lab: Research Institute of Image and Graphics, Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
Mentor: Associate Professor Jiansheng Chen, Associate Professor Chunhua Hu

Image filtering is widely used for noise reduction, and it’s also an important preprocessing step in Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) progressing. However, most ordinary noise suppression filters have the undesirable side effect of blurring edges. In this program I presented a filtering method in which image pixels are treated differently according to whether they are on edges or not. It’s not only effective in noise reduction, but also in edge preserving. Experimental results show that our filtering is effective for noise reduction, and it can preserve edges for possible edge-detection efforts.

The project’s background is that our lab focuses on deep brain stimulator for Parkinson's disease patient. The electrode of the device needs to be settled at a certain target area STN in Thalamus. This project aims to develop software which can help the doctor to determine the target area using MRI data in the operation.

In this project I was responsible for the preprocessing step. I presented the algorithm and developed MATLAB program for the group. The algorithm and results were published on 1 IEEE conference paper and I gave an invited oral presentation at the conference.
Download: Paper in PDF
Download: Presentation PPT in PDF