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What I am Interested in and Why
As an undergraduate student of engineering, I’m not only interested in core courses on mathematics and mechanics, but also latest knowledge and advanced technology in other disciplines, such as EE, CS and Bio-Engineering, which I constantly push myself to learn outside of the classroom. Although most of my works are related to Electromechanical Control of aerocraft, my research experiences are not confined to this area. I believe that my knowledge and problem-solving ability to smoothly divert my research to other areas like Robotics and Computer Vision, of which now I discover more academic interests.

My research experience is mainly focused on three areas:Computer Vision, Design & Control of Aircraft / Robotics and Nanotechnology

Selected Research Projects
Design & Control of Aircraft/Robotics
The Design, Control of Quadrotor Helicopter
Design & Optimization of Ultra-Heavy Payload Micro Aircraft
Hardware Platform & Software of Humanoid Robot
Computer Vision
Wearable Video Recorder for Gaze Tracking
Vision-based Navigation by Horizon Detection Algorithm
Edge Preserving Filtering by Combining Filters for MRI Image
Superhydrophilic/Superhydrophobic Graphene Interface