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Yuzhe (Richard) Tang

About Me

I did my Ph.D. study in Georgia Institute of Technology, under the advisement of Prof Ling Liu. Previously, I obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science, resp. in 2006 and 2009, both from Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

My research interests are broadly on distributed systems and security. My current focus is on the following two topics:

  1. Building secure and high-performance big-data systems in the cloud
  2. Secure multi-source data analytics with applications in eHealthcare, social networks and corporate IT
    • Privacy-preserving index of Healthcare information networks (security) [Project details]
I value system building and implementatable research. Details of my research can be found in my research projects.

Selected Publications (
Complete publication list)

Security (no order intended)
  • Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu. "Searching HIE with Differentiated Privacy Preservation", to appear in HealthTech'14 (colocated with Usenix Security'14), [abstract]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Arun Iyengar. "e-PPI: Locator Service in Information Networks with Personalized Privacy Preservation", to appear in ICDCS'14 (AR<13%), [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Ting Wang, Xin Hu, Reiner Sailer, Peter Pietzuch, Ling Liu. "Outsourcing Multi-Version Key-Value Stores with Verifiable Data Freshness", to appear in ICDE'14 (System demo), [pdf, src, video]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Ting Wang, Ling Liu, Shicong Meng, Balaji Palanisamy. "Privacy Preserving Indexing for eHealth Information Networks", in CIKM'11, pp 905-914, (AR<14%, Full paper), [pdf, website]
Distributed systems
  • Wei Tan, Sandeep Tata, Yuzhe Tang, Liana Fong. "Diff-Index: Differentiated Index in Distributed Log-Structured Data Stores", to appear in EDBT'14, [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Bugra Gedik. "Auto-pipelining for Data Stream Processing", in TPDS'13, Vol 24(12), pp 2344-2354, [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Jianliang Xu, Shuigeng Zhou, Wang-Chien Lee, Dingxiong Deng, Yue Wang. "A Lightweight Multi-dimensional Index for Complex Queries over DHTs", in TPDS'11, Vol 22(12), pp 2046-2054, [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Shuigeng Zhou, Jianliang Xu. "LIGHT: A Query-Efficient yet Low-Maintenance Indexing Scheme over DHTs", in TKDE'10, Vol 22(1), pp 59-75, [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Jianliang Xu, Shuigeng Zhou, Wang-Chien Lee. "m-LIGHT: Indexing Multi-Dimensional Data over DHTs", in ICDCS'09, pp 191-198, (AR<16%), [pdf]
  • Yuzhe Tang, Shuigeng Zhou "LHT: A Low-Maintenance Indexing Scheme over DHTs", in ICDCS'08, pp 141-151 (AR<16%), [pdf]


  • Bugra Gedik, Scott A. Schneider, Yuzhe Tang, Kun-lung Wu. "Adaptive Auto-pipelining in Stream Processing Applications", Disclosure YOR820110835, 2011.


Automated system setup
  • AutoHBase: automatic deployment and execution-guaranteed administration of an HBase cluster, [link]
  • QuickSSH: automated setup of passphrase-less SSH in a cluster, [link]
Research protype
  • HIndex: A library for deferred key-value indexing in NoSQL, [TBA]
  • StreamAuth: A Java library for signing and authenticating multi-version data streams, [TBA]


  • IBM Research (2013,2012,2011) at Yorktown Heights/Hawthorn, NY
  • NEC Labs America (2010) at Cupertino, CA
  • Microsoft Research Asia (2009) at Beijing, China
  • IBM Corp. (2006) at Shanghai, China
  • Georgia Tech (2009-2014)


Professional Services

  • ICDCS, TKDE, ICDE, Middleware, IEEE P2P, TWeb, DEBS, MDM, JPDC, TSC.

The webpage template is from Dr. Jianliang Xu.