Company: 154 Apps

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA


What is 154 Apps?

154 Apps was founded in the Spring of 2012 by two Georgia Tech students who share a vision of excellence through futuristic technological use and simple engineering.

Why 154 Apps?

Very rarely do opportunities come by where one can be a part of something new and exciting. 154 Apps is looking to be the next best thing that has hit the tech community, and we want you to be a part of it.

What are we looking for?

We believe people around us are windows of opportunity. The company is looking to grow by joining with students from the Georgia Tech community who share the same passion and drive to create beautifully designed applications that fill in the technological gaps that exist in our society.

Passion, drive, commitment and technical ability: These are the four cores of what we are looking for. Currently, 3 team members are required. Please look at the qualifications section to see what kind of recruits we need. If you are proficient in any of the qualifications listed, and are keen on learning more as you work with us, then we highly encourage you to apply.

Overall, these are the basic outlines of the 3 jobs available:

154-001: Proficient iPhone Application developer, with prior knowledge of (or willingness to learn) Objective C, HTML and CSS for website design and data management.

154-002: Proficient Web App Developer, comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Database management, and a willingness to learn iPhone App Development

154-003: Proficient graphic designer with prior (basic) programming experience. Must have a willingness to learn iPhone App Development and Website Design.

Job Type?

The positions are part-time internships. You will be working anywhere from 5 - 15 hours a week (depending on the status of the projects), or less (if you are fast enough!)  
Since this is a start-up, expect to work in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, where everyones opinion is equally important. 
You will be expected to work without any daily supervision and carry yourself with the utmost amount of professionalism and drive to succeed.
Lastly, most of the work will be done on your own time. There will be regular weekly meetings to update the team on the status of the projects and work will be scheduled for the following week.    


Since we are a new start-up, there will be no salary pay. We are looking for individuals who want to be a part of something new and are willing to sacrifice time and thought, to achieve something great. That being said, you may be given bonuses as and when deemed by the founders. Furthermore, in the event of one of our products doing well, we will reward everyone on the team with monetary incentives. Lastly, all meetings will have food and drink provided (start-up style!)

Additional Notes:

- There is no Major restriction, nor is their any work permit restriction, everyone is encouraged to apply.

- Once all the applications have been received, we will start setting up interviews. Please be prepared to answer technical questions about the experiences you have had and the softwares you know.

How to Apply?

Please send in your Resume (required), Cover Letter (optional) and any other additional documentation you would like to
In the subject line please be sure to include what position you are applying for (i.e. 154-001, 154-002 or 154-003).

Qualifications (at least one of the following):
- Xcode
- Objective C
- Cocoa
- HTML and CSS
- JavaScript
- JQuery
- JQuery Mobile
- Graphic Design

We look forward to receiving your application! For any questions please email


How to Apply: Email with your résumé, cover letter (optional) and recommendations (optional)