Application Support Engineers

Company: MathWorks

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Natick, MA
  • Educational Requirements: Masters Degree
Contact Information

We are actively looking to hire engineers and computer scientists with advanced degrees to join our Engineering Development Group (EDG) at MathWorks! Our focus is on teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning in an open, fun, and encouraging environment. If you have a strong technical background in software design, web development, control theory, signal processing, or embedded systems, this is the position for you!

As an Application Support Engineer in EDG, you will have the opportunity to develop your technical and leadership skills for a successful career at MathWorks. EDG engineers have the flexibility to select projects with many technical groups within the company while also providing hands on application support to customers. The Application Support Engineer position is divided into two central responsibilities:

  • Application support - Become an expert in MATLAB and Simulink by supporting our customers and providing solutions for highly complex technical issues. Through on going training you will specialize and become a resource for our worldwide team.
  • Collaborative project work - Discover your professional interests and goals through projects with other departments. These projects can last from one day to several months and can help you define your long term career goals at MathWorks. Projects generally fall within these three areas: Software Development, Business Development, and Customer Training and Consulting.

Both responsibilities in EDG will provide you with invaluable skills, practical experience, and career advancement. On average, engineers remain in the EDG dual role for eighteen months before transferring to their technical area of choice.

Sample Projects:
As an EDG engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on projects with many technical groups at MathWorks. Through these projects, you will gain insight into the different technical roles that make up a successful software company. This insight can be very influential in helping you define your long term career goals. Although the opportunities for project work are nearly limitless, below is a sample of the most common projects that EDG engineers work on:

Software Development - Work with our Engineering team to implement an algorithm or GUI for a future release of one of our 80+ products. Or help to develop automated tests to verify that features in MATLAB are working as designed.

Business Development - Demonstrate the newest features of MATLAB and Simulink at trade shows with our Technical Marketing group. Help increase revenue by delivering one-on-one technical presentations to potential customers. Investigate the latest technologies and market trends.

Customer Training and Consulting - Work with our Consulting group to develop custom applications for our customers. Travel around the US with our Training group teaching MATLAB at large companies and universities.

Transfer Areas:
As an EDG engineer, you will learn about many MathWorks departments and the nearly limitless opportunities for your long term growth. Through technical projects, training, and career coaching, you will build the foundation to launch your career at MathWorks.

Although you have the opportunity to transfer into many technical roles, the six most common departments where engineers have transferred are listed below:

Engineering - Develop software tools for the world's leading scientific, engineering, and financial experts.

Quality Engineering - Test our products by developing automated test suites using our exclusive automated testing environment.

Product Training - Design, develop, and deliver Product Training courses to external customers throughout North America.

Application Engineering - Assist sales in generating revenue by creating and delivering demonstrations to potential customers that showcase how to use our tools to solve their engineering problems.

Technical Marketing - Combine your strong engineering background and your business acumen to create and maintain product awareness.

Consulting - Work with large customers to develop custom MATLAB and Simulink features for their particular industries.


Provide application support for MATLAB, Simulink, and our entire suite of products. Complete projects in various departments to help advance your career, and to strengthen your technical and professional skills.

Minimum / Preferred Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in Engineering (i.e. Electrical or Mechanical) or Computer Science
  • Strong programming skills
  • Excellent communication and time management skills are a must
  • Strong academic record

Desired skills:

  • Engineering candidates should have familiarity with one of the following: Control Theory, Embedded Systems, or Signal Processing.  In addition, engineering candidates should have knowledge of MATLAB and one additional programming language.
  • Computer Science candidates should have strong programming skills in at least two of the following languages: C, C++, Java, MATLAB or Ruby.  Experience in Web Development or Cloud Computing is a plus.

How to Apply: