Associate Sofware Engineer

Company: MathWorks

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Natick, MA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

MathWorks’ Computer Science Development Group (CSDG) is a group of recent graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science. As a member of CSDG, you will build skills towards a successful career as part of the development organization at MathWorks and contribute to making products and tools such as MATLAB and Simulink.


Your mentor will guide and assist you as you complete projects that are carefully selected to support your growth and learning experience. You will receive specific training that supports your development and your career growth. Gain MATLAB product knowledge working with our customers to resolve complex problems.


CSDG supports your successful transition from college to work. You will work together, building lasting friendships, not just professional relationships. Together you will develop your community within the team and across the company.

Advance your career:

Project selection and visibility across various teams will enable you to develop your interests and grow your skills. You will work with our senior software engineers to gain product knowledge, programming experience, software testing and debugging exposure.


Build software that can change our daily lives, accelerating the pace of Engineering and Science. Create solutions that enable solutions in the field of energy research, financial management, automotive design and production, or space exploration.


  • Contribute to projects with multiple development and quality engineering teams
  • Work closely with customers in various industries using MATLAB and Simulink
  • Apply strong software development skills in C++, Java, MATLAB and/or other languages
  • Collaborate with development team members to write and test code for MATLAB and other MathWorks products

Minimum / Preferred Qualifications

  • Must have BS in Computer Science
  • Object Oriented Programming experience (One or more of C++, Java OR JavaScript)
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Strong academic record
  • MATLAB knowledge or experience is a plus

How to Apply: