Company: XSELL Technologies

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: High School Diploma
Contact Information
  • Name: Harmony Bloodsoe
  • Phone: 404.450.9298
  • Email:
  • Address: 404-450-9298
  • Website:
AT&T has partnered with XSELL Technologies to provide a unique work experience for students at
Georgia State University. XSELL is working with AT&T to reveal insights into the characteristics,
behaviors and attitudes of their customers in the digital world and to turn those insights into real time
interactions with their online customers. Online interactions will reveal the true “Voice of the Customer”
and will be used to influence decision making around identifying new customers, engaging existing
customers, increasing sales, increasing web traffic and lowering cost of service.
You will gain unmatched work experience by becoming a Digital Brandbassador for AT&T and compete
to be retained for a full time position upon graduation. Tech savvy, ambitious, multi-tasking geniuses
excited about the opportunity to manage the online chat, SMS and social networking channels for AT&T
-- this is the position for you!
What does the ideal candidate look like?
A revolutionary is a person who favors rapid and sweeping change and that is who we are looking for at
XSELL. Students who love all things digital and have the drive and desire to change the way people
interact on these mediums. Stopping the Bot –Starts at XSELL.
What’s in it for you?
An employment opportunity that provides ACCESS and EXPERIENCE and allows you to schedule your
work hours around your course schedule. Digital Brandbassadors have a 93% placement rate in fulltime
employment opportunities prior to graduation with our partner brands.
We have a positive impact on the world through the students we hire and the interactions we have on
behalf of our brands. Our efforts make a difference in people’s lives and that gets us out of bed
Stop the Bot, become a revolutionary and APPLY today

How to Apply: Email Harmony Bloodsoe at with your resume to get started.