Back-End/Application Developer

Company: Vehcon, Inc.

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact Information

Who We Are

At Vehcon, we’re working on the future of vehicle telematics.  As innovators in vehicle telematics, mobile data analytics and mobile applications, we know hardware-less, easy-to-use solutions are the answer for tomorrow's connected vehicle.  And we’re leading the way there.  

That’s the “official line” – but you’ll also want to know we’re an early-stage company, founded by a couple of serial entrepreneurs with solid track records, and we’re on a mission to build a great company as we turn the telematics world upside-down.  If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn a lot, work with great people, and make a real contribution – Vehcon is a place where you can do all of that.

What’s the gig?

We have a full-time position available for a “back end” software developer.  You’ll be working on cloud-hosted applications and web services to support our consumer-facing mobile data applications.  To keep things interesting, the work covers a broad range of stuff – from data analytics and mobile CRM to image processing and crowd-sourcing.

What skills?

You need to be proficient building data-driven applications using PHP, JavaScript, and “No SQL” databases.  If you’ve deployed and managed data and applications in the cloud, that’s a plus.  So is experience with the Parse SDK, though it’s not a firm requirement.  We’re also doing a few things that haven’t been done before – so if you’re a fast learner who enjoys rolling up your sleeves, finding creative solutions and getting things done, that’s a great fit.


Our offices are in the Centergy building on 5th Street in Atlanta, right by the Georgia Tech campus. 

How to Apply: Email your resume to