Develop Windows 8.1 App for Windows Store

Company: Carson Nash Funding, Inc.

General Information
  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Windows 8.1 OS UI Navigation App

1. Button/icon on Task Bar
2. Tile on Start Screen
3. Button/Icon on Desk Top
4. Button/Icon on Apps screen

App is for Windows 8.1 only.

The App allows an alternative way of navigating in Windows 8.1 for a Navigation method already a part Windows 8.1 which can be disabled by user.

App must meet all certification requirements for the Windows Store.

App must fully support touch input, stylus, and fully support keyboard and mouse input.

 Installation instructions with check boxes for user to choose where to place icons. Instructions on how to disable navigation method that this app will replace already in Windows 8.1.  Check Boxes are included for user to choose placement of buttons and icons before installation.

During installation, User must “Accept” or “Do Not Accept” the “Terms of Use – Software License Agreement”. If user does not Accept Terms of Use, App cannot be installed.

Part of “Terms of Use” - Cannot be sold, transferred, distributed, shared, copied, or re-engineered. Can be used on one computer only.

Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed by contractor. Will disclose all App requirements after Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed. All  intellectual property rights will be retained by Kent McRae.

How to Apply: call 770-088-0737 or email