Developer, Developer Analyst or Development Specialist (Object Oriented)

Company: Central Insurance Companies

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Alpharetta, GA
  • Compensation: $56,165 annual or higher based on experience
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Cherry Smith
  • Phone: 770.740.8000
  • Email:
  • Address: Cherry Smith Central Insurance Companies 11605 Haynes Bridge Road, Suite 500 Alpharetta, GA 30041 (770) 740-8000
  • Website:

Qualifications Include:

• Associate or Bachelor's Degree in programming or a related field. Experience may be a substitute. At least 2 courses in object oriented programming languages.*

• Knowledge or demonstrated experience with developing applications using object oriented programming languages with preference given to Microsoft.Net Framework.*

• Demonstrates strong problem solving, analytical and communication skills.*

• Working knowledge of relational database design, development and administration.*

• Ability to work independently and in a team environment.*

• Detail and goal oriented.*

Duties Include:

• Develop and maintain applications using Visual Studio and the Microsoft .Net Framework that interact with Internet connected databases and their interfaces.*

• Diagnose problems and provide technical support in the development, programming and maintenance of Internet applications including user security and data conversion requirements.*

• Implement technologies to interact with Central's core systems and databases.*

• Test software for quality assurance. Interpret problems, recommend solutions, and determine if program standards and requirements have been met.*

• Maintain project schedule and periodically report progress.*

• Develop knowledge and demonstrate competence in the use of relational databases, markup languages, scripting languages, object oriented programming, and web authoring and editing tools.*

* Denotes Essential Functions. Recent college grads or experienced candidates are welcome to apply.

How to Apply: Email resume