Company: PowWowHR, Inc.

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Sunil Vatave
  • Phone: 404.435.3687
  • Email:
  • Address: Sunil Vatave, President and Co-founder.
  • Website:

PowWowHR is a local Atlanta start up.  We use a combination of onshore and offshore teams.  Our product represents a cutting edge way to manage the workforce for employers.  We are currenlty moving the core product to an MVC framework, but we have a lot of development work in other areas as well.  We do a lot of work with JSON, JQuery and Javascript for our collaboration piece.   We need someone who can work closely with our product champions and our architects while at the same time leading the offshore engineering team.  We move very fast and need "creative technologists".  If you're looking for a job with a spec and a timeline, this is not for you.    Your duties will be to be the lead developer/manager for our offshore team and work closely with our product group to define the product and the deliverables.  While this job manages the offshre teams, you need enjoy and be able to code.  To lead the offshore teams you need to be know C#, SQL and all the other usual technologies and methods see in a standard Microsoft stack.  You need to be able to wear a lot of technology hats.  If we launch a feature and something breaks, you've got to be cool under fire to get it fixed.  If you have the "that's not my job" kind of mentality, again this job is not for you.  Our work environment is "intense casual" meaning we don't really care about office formalities, we are focused on achievement.  We offer a competitive compensation program and a cool place to work.

How to Apply: Send an email to with your resume' and anything else you think would show us your the right person for the job.