Company: Leadify

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Jackson, MS
  • Compensation: $40K to $70K
Contact Information
  • Name: Harper Maddox
  • Phone: 601.260.6421
  • Email:
  • Address: Harper Maddox CS '02 at Georgia Tech
  • Website:

Leadify is a fast growing startup that is solving tough marketing problems.  We’re off to a great start, growing profitably at 15% month with closed deals from HomeAway, and other large brands. As our first engineering hires, you’ll build our company and products from the ground up.

We have two products:  a messaging product and an intelligence product.  We use a knowledge graph to generate messages, which we then schedule for deployment across a variety of social networks. Our intelligence product, Kudzu, listens to Twitter and finds social trends related to your business.

The front-end for the messaging product runs on PHP and JavaScript (heavy jQuery).  We’re transitioning our backend from PHP to Ruby. Our knowledge graph runs on Neo4J.  Our analytics are stored in MySQL and we use HighCharts for reporting.  Kudzu is written in Ruby using the Sinatra framework.  We’re redoing the front end in Angular.js.  We dump Twitter streams into Redis and the hard stuff (web scraper and natural language parser) is coded in Perl.

What you’ll do

  • Solve hard problems.  You’ll think up new ways to gather social information, analyze the data and present it in a way that provides value to our customers.
  • Eat lots of sushi, burgers and soul food
  • You’ll have lots of autonomy to craft our UX.  “Surprise and delight the users”
  • Code like the wind!  You’ll have to know HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript (emphasis on the JavaScript).

Who we’re looking for

  • Someone who loves to code.  Have you programmed as a hobby?  Do you get nervous and frustrated at the thought of losing an internet connection?  Then, you’re one of us!
  • A self-starter that can get stuff done with little supervision
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup where you’ll never run out of things to do
  • Someone who thrives in an unstructured, flexible work-schedule environment

Mad Skillz we’d love to see

  • HTML 5 Frameworks (Angular, Ember, Backbone)
  • Rails – know your templates (ERB, HAML, etc)
  • CSS compiler knowledge (SASS, LESS)
  • Responsive Design (Twitter Bootstrap, etc)
  • Experience with a version control system
  • Visualization Experience (d3.js, etc)

Bonus Points

  • Strong design sense and excellent taste
  • You’re a Test Driven Development fanboy/fangirl

How to Apply: Tell us about projects you have worked on outside of the classroom. Here's some stuff our devs have done: video games for TI calculators in assembler, Perl OSS, Trillian IM client, and an IRC bot written in PHP. We're passionate about technology and want to work around like minded people. Interested? Send us an email at