Full-stack (primarily Ruby on Rails) Software engineer needed part time.

Company: Fast growing small Technology Start-Up

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Location: Inside of the ATDC offices 5th Ave. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Educational Requirements: High School Diploma



Are you interested in working with a small fast growing startup with other quality engineers? We are looking for a software engineer that can work part-time (minimum of 10 hours a week) with us. Needs to be a self-learner and be able (or willing) to handle the entire development stack for new features.  You'll work with other Tech CS grads on a fast changing web application that will be used by thousands of customers.

Your development time would breakdown approximately as follows:

  70% Ruby-on-Rails

  15% Haml/ERB

  5% Coffeescript/Javascript

  5% PostgreSQL/SQL



For example, you might be given a feature to implement (typically including mockups and use cases), and you'd be responsible for data design, implementation, testing and integration. One example might be messaging between users. Where you would design the message data scheme, implement the functionality, create tests, and help with integration and deployment. 


  1+ years Ruby on Rails or similar development environment (or willing to teach self rails)

  Full-stack experience



  Some CSS/design understanding


Additional plus:

  - Familiar with agile software development and test driven development. 

  - Automated web application testing (Rspec, factories,..etc.)

  - Scalable data design

  - Familiar with Heroku or AWS

  - Familiar NoSQL solutions (MongoDB or redis)




- Alan


How to Apply: If interested, please email your resume (include github account and any public sites if applicable) to OurAwesomeAnonymousJobsAlias@gmail.com and we'll send you more information about our company and who you'd be working with.