Full Stack Software Engineer

Company: Juntos Finanzas

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Mountain View, CA
Contact Information
  • Name: Katie Nienow
  • Phone: 804.398.0224
  • Email: join.the.team@ahorrandojuntos.com
  • Address: join.the.team@ahorrandojuntos.com
  • Website: http://www.ahorrandojuntos.com

Full Stack Software Engineer

Our engineering team believes that anything is possible. We build intelligent, adaptive product experiences designed to create financial stability for low-income consumers.

As one of the first members of the engineering team, you have an opportunity to help build a product and culture that can change the financial industry around the world.


What We Value

  • Driven, intelligent, self-reflective teammates who are constantly seeking to improve
  • Humility in words and actions. A genuine desire for the best idea to win above one's own ideas
  • User centric, empathic mindset


  • Rails on Heroku
  • Twilio & International SMS APIs
  • Native iOS

To apply, send a note to join.the.team [at] ahorrandojuntos.com with your resume and links to your work

How to Apply: Email us at join.the.team@ahorrandojuntos.com