High Frequency Stat Arb

Company: Systematic trading fund

General Information
  • Job Type: Other
  • Location: New York, NY
Contact Information

Systematic trading fund is seeking a quant trader with high frequency stat arb experience.

Systematic trading fund is looking to hire a quant researcher or trader with a strong options and equity market making background. Candidates will work with other quants to develop new high frequency stat arb strategies as well as implementing their portable alphas.

Candidates should have 4+ years of experience developing systematic stat arb trading strategies on a market making desk. Platform is collaborative but all quants are expected to be strong programmers (C++) and come from a strong quantitative background (MS or Ph.D.). Compensation is top of the market and candidates will be provided a cut of firm PnL.

How to Apply: http://bit.ly/PZzd3M