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  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA; Warren, MI; Austin, TX
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
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Positions availabe in systems, software, security and network applications:

About the GM Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) team:
GM has recently announced numerous steps to strengthen its position as a global automotive leader.  GM IT has embarked on a global transformation of the systems and technology that run GM.  ETS is implementing advanced platforms to enable next generation mobility, collaboration, messaging and telecommunications.  GM is seeking dynamic individuals who will leverage their industry knowledge and experiences to design, architect and deploy these contemporary IT systems.
About the role:
The ETS team works for the Chief Technology Officer and oversees the design and creation of the systems and infrastructure that enable a more efficient and productive GM.  The ETS Systems Engineer is a highly technical position which will specialize in one of several key technology areas.

The ETS Mobility team is empowering a GM mobile workforce.  The mobility team has complete design and implementation responsibility for applications running on iPad®, iPhone®, Blackberry® and Android® devices.  The Systems Engineer role will be part of this team and should be comfortable in a dynamic and technical work environment.  Daily tasks could include customer requirements sessions, user interface design and coding complex applications.

The ETS Collaboration team is building on its world-class implementation of Microsoft’s Sharepoint® technology to enable the GM to work together seamlessly on a global scale.  The systems engineer assigned to the Collaboration team will gain specialized skills in collaboration technologies and techniques.  As a highly technical member of the team, you would be called on to enable workflows, design sites and code sophisticated application interfaces.

The ETS Messaging team is driving the next generation in unified communication and messaging technologies.  GM is upgrading and advancing the state of the art with solutions built on Microsoft, Cisco and other advanced technology stacks.  The Systems Engineer working on this team will contribute to a radical new model of integrated email, instant messaging and social media technologies. 

The ETS Telecommunications group has responsibility for designing, deploying and maintaining GM’s world-wide communications network, including all Wide Area Network, Local Area Network and voice technologies.  GM has one of the largest and most advanced communications infrastructures which is constantly being modified with the latest solutions as the GM business expands globally.  The Systems Engineer on this team will gain relevant experience and skills related to what it takes to implement the high speed networks of the future.  

About the General Motors Software Development team:
Our Software Development team supports the creation and enhancement of some of the industry’s most innovative and complex systems. This team develops and delivers software solutions to GM customers, dealers, and employees across the globe.  Members of this team include industry-leading developers, architects, and designers who use various innovative development methodologies and technologies to successfully deliver solutions, drive business results, and increase customer satisfaction.

About the role:
The Associate Software Developer solves technical problems and writes the actual code to build and support GM’s systems, applications, and platforms.  This role is the cornerstone of the team and is responsible for designing and creating code in an Agile fashion.  The Associate Software Developer is given the opportunity to tackle and understand complex business logic and write code for multi-lingual, multi-national applications. This role will interface with other project developers and architects on a global basis and ensure that designs and quality are meeting GM requirements.  Each Developer will take the project from the initiation phase and see it through deployment.  This role understands the value of an elegant software design and the importance of building solutions that matter.  Creativity, drive, and initiative are imperative to the success of this role.

About the Information Security and IT Risk Management Organization:
The organization is charged with enabling the business through globally delivered IT Risk Management and Information Security services aligned to the enterprise risk and threat profile. Accountable for maintaining a secure organization through strategic alignment, structured governance, process operation and enterprise reporting.

The following teams encompass the Information Security and IT Risk Management organization:

• Strategy and Planning
The Security Strategy and Planning team provides advisory services to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Risk Officer (RO) in a manner that enables effective decision support for the purposes of long term planning, portfolio management, status and reporting to Senior Leadership. This team is responsible for ensuring that the CISO & RO maintains the appropriate line of sight to business operation so that problems can be anticipated.
• IT Risk Management
The IT Risk Management team provides risk and compliance services to the CISO & RO by providing risk identification, assessment, and remediation, regulatory and internal compliance monitoring, and standards and process development required to adequately protect GM personnel, facilities, infrastructure, information, and business operations.
• Security Architecture
The Security Architecture team is focused on enterprise wide team reduction of risks in the current environment through the application of industry best practices, standards, and frameworks for the purpose of influencing decisions related to IT strategy, enterprise architecture, and future investments in technology.
• Incident Response
The Incident Response team is a global team charged with directing activities related to identifying, containing, resolving, recovering and improving from incidents. This team enables executive decision support through governance, measurements and risk based reporting.  
• Security Assurance
The Security Assurance team is focused on identifying, prioritizing and eradicating vulnerabilities in GM computer systems and networks. They will enable executive decision support through governance, measurements and risk based reporting.
• Information Protection
The Information Protection team is responsible for enabling the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of GM information assets commensurate with their value to the organization. They will work with and influence business adoption and technology enablement for good information protection.
• Forensic Investigations
This Forensic Investigations team is focused on performing activities to identify, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence, including e-discovery. The team investigates network/computer intrusions and data theft committed by insiders, corrupt competitors, criminal enterprises, and foreign governments by performing highly skilled computer forensics methods and techniques.
• Partner Security Compliance and Assurance
The External Party Security Compliance and Assurance team is responsible for working with business, contracts, legal, and purchasing in the understanding of external GM business relationships, assessing risk, and ensuring an appropriate level of security is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

About the Role:
Information Security and IT Risk Management Analysts are utilized throughout the GM Information Security and IT Risk Management organization in a variety of specialized capacities depending upon the team’s needs as well as individual interests and skill sets. Analysts have the opportunity to rotate within the organization and gain valuable experience while having responsibilities such as, but not limited to:
• Perform risk assessments to identify business impact
• Identify compensating controls used to mitigate business risk
• Identify data protection requirements
• Provide security analysis and technical recommendations
• Perform threat analysis
• Develop and maintain information security policy, controls and standards
• Assess compliance with security policy, controls and standards
• Develop and deliver security awareness training
• Perform vulnerability assessment activities
• Conduct security penetration testing
• Conduct incident response activities
• Perform e-discovery analysis
• Conduct benchmarking and metrics activities

Regardless of the specialization, the Analyst applies solid information security principles and best practices to their specific discipline. This includes the understanding of the application of security concepts including risk management, compliance, threat and vulnerability assessments, information protection and access control, security processes, policy and standards. This knowledge is applied across a broad range of technology including operational security, system and application design and development, technology evaluation and acquisition.

About the General Motors Application Development team:
GM is enabling IT transformation by leveraging the latest technology trends into software development and testing geared towards meeting and exceeding the goals of our customers. The GM IT team is focused on creating an exciting environment that not only motivates, but challenges technically adept professionals.  GM’s Application Development team is responsible for developing, configuring and delivering exciting IT solutions across GM’s core business areas using various methodologies and COTS software tools.  We’re building on our momentum and we’re changing the way we do things. We’re shifting our focus from running the business to advancing innovation.  In short, we’re currently seeking the next generation of game-changers to help us usher in a new age of automotive IT innovation. 
About the role:

The BI/DW Developer is responsible for developing software applications using sound, repeatable, industry best practices and in accordance with GM's software development project methodology and the creation of BI solutions. The BI/DW Developer designs and develops reports, dashboards and cubes, and creates and maintains technical applications and associated documentation.  Development activities will include configuration updates to existing software and/or developing new programs/models to address a particular business need.  The BI/DW Developer will obtain a thorough understanding of the infrastructure and configuration of the existing GM BI environments. 
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