Company: Kforce Professional Staffing

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Rebecca Geiger
  • Email:
  • Address: Rebecca Geiger at You may also call 813-552-3551
  • Website:

We are looking for jr. java candidates for our client in Atlanta. We are looking for candidates with:

• Demonstrated a solid understanding of JAVA and object oriented technologies. Developed real world transactional applications.
• Embedded development desired and basic fundamentals of programming in C.
• Solid understanding of a Unix based operating system: paging/swapping, inter-process communication, devices and device driver fundamentals, file system concepts like inode and superblock. Can perform system analysis and tuning.
• Solid understanding of fundamental networking/distributed computing environments and concepts. Understands the principles of routing and client/server programming.
• Ability to write detailed scripts in at least one, preferably two languages, (shell scripts, Perl, Tk, etc.).
• Ability to perform at least minimal debugging and modification of existing scripts, configuration files, etc.
• Ability to perform most security audits, and protect the system against intrusion.
• Understanding of SQL and ability to write complex queries.
• Fundamental understanding and experience in database fundamentals.
• Independent problem solving; self-directed, self-starting.


How to Apply: Interviews are next week so email me your resume, phone number and time to call today or tomorrow to Rebecca Geiger at You may also call 813-552-3551. One of our java recruiters will be calling candidates to screen them and set them up with interviews.