Management Training Internship Program

Company: BackOps

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  • Job Type: Internship
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
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At BackOps we get it done! BackOps is transforming the way SMBs manage their day to day back office tasks. We are getting rid of paper and putting valuable time back into our customers hands by creating tools to automate accounting, finance and human resources. Looking for real world tech start-up experience? Then join us.

Management Training Internship Program

(Computer Science, Business, Finance, Marketing, HR)

San Francisco (SOMA)

Internship Description:

We are creating several openings within our Company’s Management Training Internship Program. We are seeking talented college graduates who are interested in accelerating their career and gaining valuable real world, start-up experience. Desired Majors include (but are not limited to) Computer Science, Finance, Business, Marketing and HR. Depending on your strengths and skill-set, you will actively participate in activities ranging from tactical projects to strategic initiatives within your chosen functional area.

Whether you are interested in 5-year detailed financial model build-outs, Front end/UI development and design, HR process and design implementation, developing brand awareness, we have something for you.

At BackOps we take mentorship seriously and our management team is committed to the pursuit of personal growth and career development.  Each intern will partner with a mentor who is an expert in their chosen field. You will be working in a tech savvy environment.


Your profile:

You are choosing a start-up because you want to experience the ownership and flexibility that it offers. You are autonomous, smart and adaptable. You don’t scare easily and you have a sense of humor.  You are choosing a Management Training Internship because you want to kick-start your career and because of the valuable learning opportunities it offers.



Daily lunches ~ coveted SOMA /Downtown SF location ~ 40K + Bonus potential


What do our past interns think?

"As an intern at BackOps, I got great real-world experience and the opportunity to learn under entrepreneurs and back-office experts alike. BackOps is great in that we're encouraged to do what fits our interests. I've explored client satisfaction, operations management, and more technical domains like QA (just to name a few). I've loved working here and would definitely recommend it to any college kids or new grads looking for a dynamic internship"

Omid, 2012-2013 Management Trainee Intern 

(now an Operations Manager at BackOps)

"At BackOps, I learned a lot from great mentors in many functional areas – Recruiting, Marketing and Operations.  After a year, I joined the team of one of BackOps’ customers, but am always welcomed to tap BackOps’ experts as the need arises."

Natalie, 2011-2012 Management Trainee Intern 

(now Director Operations, at AngelList)


What makes us different?

First and foremost, we are building real products for very real businesses. We provide them with mission critical applications to ensure that they stay in business and continue to thrive.

If that isn’t enough, we have a strong social mission. We are empowering women in the workplace by proving that motherhood and a career is compatible. And our crowd-sourced workforce of stay at home moms is living proof of that.

Then there is the fact that our clients hug us. Really. We make a thankless task a little less thankless and they love us for it!

If this sounds like you, then send us a note to and we will set up a time to speak with you.


How to Apply: If this sounds like you, then send us a note to and we will set up a time to speak with you.