PHP Developer/Enterprise Level DBA

Company: DigitalSherpa

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Norcorss, GA
Contact Information

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The Technology Department of a Norcross based social media marketing firm, DigitalSherpa, is looking for a hybrid PHP developer/DBA that is 50% PHP developer and 50% Enterprise Level DBA. This is an incredible opportunity to get in on something big on the ground floor. You’ll have the opportunity to solve problems to questions that you would not normally get a chance to at an non-startup. We need someone who has a strong background with building, architecting, and re-engineering databases on an enterprise level as well as who can also code in PHP. This is a role where someone will have to wear multiple hats and be able to jump in where necessary.

 Job responsibilities include:

  • Architect Database Structure of Enterprise Level PHP applications built atop MySQL
  • Ability to read someone else’s PHP code and code fix’s if necessary
  • Troubleshoot, test, and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality
  • Contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Own projects and take responsibility for meeting project timelines
  • Understand Wordpress Database Structure for both single install and multiple site installations
  • Understanding of the business purpose of analytics and ability to build analytics applications to provide reporting features to management
  • Good knowledge of relational databases, version control tools and of developing web services
  • Experience in common third-party APIs (especially social media API’s - twitter, facebook, pinterest)
  • Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas
  • Relevant web protocols/environments include but are not limited to: Skills / Priority (1-5)
    • MySQL / 5
    • PHP / 5
    • Scripting (Bash, Powershell) - 5
    • Linux, UNIX (LAMP) / 5
    • WordPress Backend Knowledge / 4
    • Knowledge of big data trends (Hadoop, MapReduce, MongoDB, NoSQL) / 4
    • JavaScript, Jquery, CSS / 3
    • Understanding of data structure for Mobile Development / 3
    • Work as part of a team that wears many hats
    • 1 to 5 years of PHP development experience
    • 1 to 5 years UNIX Experience – Ability to manage UNIXservers
    • 2 to 5 years SQL Experience – Ability to setup and architect SQL
    • Understanding of Wordpress backend structure (How the Database works, the setup of Multisite, etc.)
    • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX etc
  •  Minimum Requirements

     If you have any questions please feel free to contact Usman Shahid at or by calling him at 800-354-0234 ext 2010.

    About the company:

    Digital Sherpa is a cutting-edge content marketing startup that provides content marketing services for small and medium sized businesses. It is a startup that is owned by Network Communications, Inc. (best known for owning With over 90 employee’s DigitalSherpa has experienced amazing growth since its inception. We have a development team of three that handle development and technology projects for over 2,000 clients. Visit our website to learn more at

How to Apply: Online at or email