Pixel-Perfect Web Develoer

Company: KidsLink

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA

KidsLink builds on how moms are already documenting, managing, and sharing today, without the need to change the patterns and social networks they already know.  It brings under one roof features like finding and communicating with health professionals; tracking kids’ documents like immunization records; scrapbooking childhood in a baby book; finding deals on baby products; and sharing milestones with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Position Summary: Reports to ­­Chief Product Officer.  Leads all day-to-day Pixel-Perfect UI and Web Development efforts.  Role will require 10-20 hours per week, with the expectation that it will grow into a full-time position over time.

Primarily responsible for taking Photoshop designs and manufacturing PIXEL-PERFECT templates using HTML and CSS, while following existing site conventions with limited direction. 


·       Mastery of HTML and CSS

·       Familiarity with what is capable with JavaScript/AJAX (actual coding will not be required)

·       Comfortable working around server code

·       Capable of taking Photoshop designs and manufacturing PIXEL-PERFECT templates using HTML and CSS

·       Able to identify and follow existing site conventions with limited direction 

·       Must have own computer and access to Photoshop and any other code writing software people who can operate quickly and have a track record of successfully intuiting design-appropriate specifics from broad strokes are preferred

·       Ideal candidates will be able to work independently, have an eye for design (though this is not a primarily design position), be extremely detail oriented, be able to communicate effectively, and be accessible for frequent communication, when necessary.

How to Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to adrienne.johnston@mykidslink.com.