Radio Frequency (RF) Design Engineer

Company: National Security Agency (NSA)

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Ft Mead Maryland
  • Compensation: 42,000-92,000
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Margret Parsons
  • Phone: 410.854.5901
  • Email:
  • Address: Peg Parsons National Security Agency Recruitment and Staffing Scheduling Coordinator MB1, Suite 6779 Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6779 410/854-5901 FAX 410/854-1960 0600-1430 Eastern Time
  • Website:

***Please Note: In order for your application to be fully considered, you must also apply online to this position at

With the rapid evolution of RF communications, the NSA must maintain and develop a highly talented and diverse workforce of Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers who are a vital part in maintaining our technical capabilities to collect SIGINT over the air. To advance the development of RF engineers, the Radio Frequency Development Program (RFDP) has been established.
The RFDP provides the opportunity for a select group of engineers and scientists to develop and expand RF skills while making meaningful contributions to NSA's mission. This talented group will have the opportunity to take part in customized mentoring, professional development and world-wide travel while sampling a breadth of RF engineering activities. The RFDP is a three-year program consisting of 3 to 4 demanding rotational opportunities throughout RF engineering disciplines along with specialized in-house core training. Each participant will receive an assigned senior mentor and will customize their program to capitalize on their individual expertise and the needs of the agency. Throughout the program the selectee will gain hands on experience while working with senior technical experts in RF design and engineering on mission activities. Upon graduation of the program, placement of the candidate will be in an organization based on the needs of the mission and the participant's preference.

This position includes participation in all aspects of activities related to RF Engineering from specification, design, fabrication, acquisition, integration, deployment, installation, training and support.  The selected individual will work all phases of RF Engineering project implementation with duties to include the following:

Design, build, test and deploy RF systems from the antenna to the follow on processors.
Design, develop, construct and test electronic hardware and software processing components. These components are typically subsystems of communication, collection, processing or analysis systems.
***Please Note: In order for your application to be fully considered, you must also apply online to this position at

Conduct RF site surveys and include results in the design and performance assessments of RF systems
Work with and/or lead project teams to satisfy operational requirements for RF systems.
Attend or lead meetings on projects with customers and team members.
Accompany or lead installation teams as required.
Represent the Agency or its subordinate organizations to customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

- Programming experience (prefer C, C++, Java)
- Knowledge of Network protocols (especially TCP/IP, VOIP, wireless protocols)
- Understanding of Internet
- Understanding of WAN and LAN
- Database analysis and design
- Vulnerability Analysis

Ideal candidates should possess a minimum of 2 years experience in one of the following areas listed below.  If recent college graduates, experience via class projects or hands-on work should be in one of the following:
- Electrical engineering
- Computer Engineering
- Computer Programming - software and computer languages. Includes writing code, debugging/testing programs, fixing syntax, correcting logic errors, and ensuring that programs meet technical requirements.
- Networking Engineering - concepts, principles, theories, and methods for the design, development, analysis, testing, and securing of telecommunications and computer networks.
- Network/Systems Exploitation - analyzing exploitation opportunities for Cryptologic systems and networks.
- Systems Design and Engineering - the principles, methods, and tools for integrating components (for example, network equipment, protocols, telephony) into a functional system or prototype.
- Software Development (principles, methods, and tools for designing, developing, and testing software).
- Telecommunications - concepts, principles, and theories of transmissions, broadcasting, switching, control, construction, or operation of telecommunications systems.
- Software Engineering - software engineering design and development methodologies, paradigms, and tools. Includes elements such as software life-cycles, reusability, and software reliability metrics.

How to Apply: ***Please Note: In order for your application to be fully considered, you must also apply online to this position at U.S. Citizenship is required for all applicants. Reasonable accommodations provided to applicants with disabilities during the application and hiring process where appropriate. NSA is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations. All applicants and employees are subject to random drug testing in accordance with Executive Order 12564. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a security background investigation and polygraph. . DCIPS Disclaimer The National Security Agency (NSA) is part of the DoD Intelligence Community Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS). All positions in the NSA are in the Excepted Services under 10 United States Codes (USC) 1601 appointment authority. This position is a Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position in the Excepted Service under 10 U.S.C. 1601. DoD Components with DCIPS positions apply Veterans' Preference to eligible candidates as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 USC, in accordance with the procedures provided in DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 2005, DCIPS Employment and Placement. If you are a veteran claiming veterans' preference, as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 U.S.C., you must submit documents verifying your eligibility with your application package.