Regional Business Analyst Manager

Company: Expeditors International of Washington

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Melissa Grace
  • Phone: 662.316.3291
  • Email:
  • Address: Melissa Grace Regional Business Process Manager Mid-Atlantic Region 662-316-3291
  • Website:

Scope of Position

Enhance operational processes and customer solutions through the development of dynamic dashboards and reports using various technologies.  Develop and support the region's technical projects and support training on data analytics.


Dashboards and other Graphical Reporting

Demonstrate our performance as a company through the creation of powerful, meaningful, and professional looking dashboards and graphics

Produce dashboards that are beyond the query and filter reporting models such as forecasting, prediction and optimization

Develop internal tools created for use of daily workflows that drive our business processes,

Create specialized tools and reports that are reusable, user friendly and professional looking in which can be presented to a large number of customers

Ensure developed tools are nimble to support all possible variations of products & services, metrics and specific customer expectations and requirements


Project Management and Business Process Review

Responsible for the forward movement and success of all technical projects       

Prepare project plan and review with stakeholders to ensure it meets all requirements (known requirements, gap/fit analysis, recommendations, technologies, solutions design including reporting and user interface examples)

Help quantify the productivity results of each solution or tool created


Technical Training

Provide technical training for operational staff

Incorporate new technologies and technical advancements within operational training

Develop the data analysis skill sets of the operational staff

MS Excel – Excel driven data analysis

MS Access – Data manipulation and reporting


Process Improvements by means of Technology

Create and provide support for scripting within operations

Manage, monitor and provide Q/A on all scripts running in the region

Assist operational managers and account managers with data and technology requirements needed to perform their daily tasks



Collaborate with other regions on best practices and technology solutions

Maintain project list capturing status, timeliness, priorities and future projects and be able to provide this update to the reporting structure for this position

Work with corporate business and development to ensure that the tools and processes designed are aligned with our core systems and are developed properly on a scalable level



Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Management Information Systems or 4 Years related experience

Vast experience with Business Intelligence Software such as Inetsoft

Specific programming/development skills

Business Intelligence report development (Inetsoft, crystal reports, etc.)

SQL (Structured Query Language) for working with databases (DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for Office development (MS Access/Excel application development)

Delphi/Pascal for Desktop scripting development


Ability to self-teach needed programming technologies

Strong knowledge of Microsoft Access and Excel

Ability to design creative solutions to meet business needs

Strong analytical skills

Effective interpersonal skills – ability to relate to employees at all levels

Good communication skills

Good presentation skills


Peer Positions:                                    

Regional IS Manager

Regional Process Manager 


Reporting Structure:                         

Regional Vice President


How to Apply: Email Melissa Grace at or call at 662-316-3291.