Company: Verisign

General Information
  • Job Type: Internship
  • Location: Reston, VA
  • Compensation: Negotiable
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Jill Blumer
  • Email:
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Verisign Labs was founded just a few years ago, and is a new kind of operational research lab.  As the operational entity responsible for running .com, .net, two of the DNS' root instances, and several other top level domains from over 70 sites around the world, Verisign is one of the largest Internet critical infrastructure providers in the world.  Servicing an average of 62 billion queries per day provides our researchers with a unique view of Internet traffic, and helps fuel many of our cutting edge research projects.

Verisign Labs uses the massive and unique data sets culled from the transactions we facilitate, combines them with our research team's diverse set of skills, and adds Verisign's core operational expertise to make it one of the most hands-on and exciting places to do real operational research.  Verisign Labs projects range from DDoS defense systems, to malware detection and remediation, to cloud computing, to large-scale data analytics, to Internet routing security and stability, and these are just a handful of the topics that our researchers tackle.

We are seeking highly motivated summer interns to help investigate, develop, and publish meaningful results from our existing research projects.  We are seeking students enrolled in full-time masters or Ph.D. programs.  Experience in any of the above fields is considered preferable.

Verisign Labs is located in Verisign, Inc. global headquarters, in Reston, Virginia.  The office is embedded in Reston Town Center, an exciting cultural area with great social atmosphere and nearby to plenty of outdoors activities.  Reston is just about 20 miles from Washington, DC, and is a great place to spend an exciting summer doing cutting edge research and relaxing in (and around) the nation's capital.
    • Work with technology and business leaders to develop research questions.
    • Perform research tasks under the guidance of a Verisign leader.
    • Build research tools.
    • Document research results in appropriate forums (poster sessions, conferences, etc.).


    • Currently enrolled in MS degree program in Computer Engineer/Science or related field; PhD student preferred.
    • Research project experience; publications are a plus.
    • Appropriate programming experience and knowledge, experience with scripting languages, strong working knowledge of UNIX systems.
    • Experience with one or more of the following technology areas:
        • Internet infrastructure and application protocols including TCP/IP, DNS, BGP, and HTTP.
        • Internet security services including privacy, identification, and authentication.
        • Large-scale data analysis.
    • Strong interpersonal and communications skills.

Interested students should submit their applications via the online form:

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