Research Software Engineer

Company: RAND Corporation

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Santa Monica, CA or Washington, DC or Pittsburgh, PA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Christopher Skeels
  • Phone: 310.393.0411 x7619
  • Email:
  • Address: Send resume to Christopher Skeels at
  • Website:



RAND is seeking a software engineer to develop custom solutions for applied research and development projects. 

Technical needs will vary by project so candidate must be a well-rounded generalist able to develop solutions in MORE THAN ONE of the following application paradigms:  desktop, web, mobile, database, modelling & simulation, machine learning, statistical analysis, and visualization. 


What you will be doing


Developing entire interactive applications from the graphical user interface all the way to back end server components and databases


Developing partial applications and scripts to data mine, analyze, and visualize data sets


Briefing others on software design, software development progress, and software tool results


Written documentation of software and software tool results for inclusion in customer briefings and RAND publication


Nice if you have


Have working knowledge of object oriented analysis and design


Have some expertise with at least one language that can be used for back end web programming such as Ruby, Python, Node, or PHP


Have some expertise with at least one traditional language that can be used for desktop applications or console apps such as C#, Java, C++, or Python


Have some expertise with at least one flavor of SQL Database such as MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL


Have at least tinkered with building HTML5 apps


Have at least tinkered with a scientific programming package like R or Matlab


Have actually used an MVC framework before


Use version control, even for your own stuff, even when you don’t have to


Use an IDE for refactoring your code; use an IDE for debugging (instead of print statements) when possible



Have explored a new technology recently on your own for no other reason than intellectual curiosity and challenge 

How to Apply: Send resume to Christopher Skeels at