Researcher (Mathematics/Science), WCER, UW-Madison

Company: Institute for innovative assessment at WCER/UW Madison

General Information
  • Job Type: Other
  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Educational Requirements: Masters Degree
Contact Information

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 80336

Working Title:


Official Title:


Degree and area of specialization:

MA in Education or Related Field

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

A minimum of 2 years of experience in the following:

* Designing and writing science or mathematics curriculum lesson plans and formative assessment opportunities for upper elementary, middle school, or high school classrooms.

* Organizing data collections in schools.

* Interviewing educators and students.

* Demonstrating strong organizational skills.

* Working independently as well as effectively collaborating with a team to create and produce assessment tasks.

* Managing multiple responsibilities effectively.

* Demonstrating a proven track record of meeting deadlines.

Preferred Experience:

* Storyboarding creative technology-based academic assessments in mathematics and/or science.

* Knowledge of Common Core standards in Mathematics, and/or Next Generation Science Standards.

* Working with IT engineers and designers.

* Teaching upper elementary, middle or high school science or mathematics to English learners (ELs).

* Conducting experimental and/or qualitative research.

* Coding and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data.

* Demonstrating proficiency in interpreting and presenting quantitative and qualitative data.

Principal duties:

The "Technology-interactive Classroom-embedded Modules for Measuring Challenging Math and Science Skills of ELs" is a 3-year IES funded project that will be conducted in partnership with the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS), the national organization of the largest US school districts. The project will develop and investigate the viability and validity of innovative technology-enhanced assessment tasks designed to measure unit-level mathematics and science learning of middle school students using innovative formative assessment methods and novel item types. These methods have been found to be effective for all students and are particularly useful for diverse learners, including those with literacy, language and attention challenges. Data collections will include 1 on 1 qualitative student interviews and educator interviews and focus groups, educator feedback questionnaire data, and randomized experimental study trials. For additional information please see:


* Collaborate with the project P.I. to identify the topic units and standards in mathematics and science to be assessed.

* Work with the project leadership to create and develop the technology-enhanced assessment tasks aligned to those standards.

* Collaborate with the project P.I. to develop assessment modules of technology-based tasks and traditional items.

* Collaborate with educator mentors and educator colleagues to evaluate and refine tasks and items as relevant.

* Work with IT staff to construct the tasks and template the substantive and IT task elements in databases.

* Contribute to the development of associated project materials for educators.

* Conduct and review qualitative student data and refining tasks accordingly.

* Collaborate on the development of questionnaires and interviewer protocols, and assist with data collection.

* Contribute to the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of quantitative and qualitative results.

* Prepare reports and journal article(s).

* Present findings at professional meetings and to CGCS members.


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