Share your passion for and expertise in programming, engineering and robotics with aspiring students this summer!

Company: Digital Media Academy

General Information
  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Location: 20 + Locations Across the US and Canada
  • Educational Requirements: High School Diploma
Contact Information
  • Name: Dave Livingston
  • Phone: 408.595.2363
  • Email:
  • Address: Dave Livingston 408-595-2363
  • Website:

"During my time as an instructor at DMA, I’ve been blown away but the creativity, innovation, and cleverness of my students, not to mention hilarity. It's an amazing experience working with students who are so eager to learn about challenging concepts, but also inspiring to see what they create. It reminds you why you work in this field in the first place."

Who we are:  Digital Media Academy – Now in our 14th year of offering cutting edge hands on (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Media) summer camps & courses for teens @ Universities across the US and Canada.

We’re looking for: We are looking specifically for instructors and/or TA’s in the following programming, app development and robotics course topics:

  • Minecraft™ Modding with Java™ Programming & Forge

  • iPhone® & iPad® App & Game Development

  • Introduction to Advanced Programming with Java™

  • Introduction to Game Programming with Python

  • Advanced Game Programming with C# & C++

  • Robotics & Programming with LEGO® EV3

  • Advanced Robotics & Electrical Engineering with Arduino™

Ideal candidates for instructor positions will have some professional experience in the field and have or be close to completing a degree in engineering, computer science or a related major.  Experience working with or teaching teens is preferred.  Graduate and PHD students are strongly encouraged to apply!   

WHY WORK FOR DMA (What’s in it for You?): 

  • When you work for DMA, you join other passionate innovators/educators and mentors who believe in unlocking the curiosity of young people.

  • Pay.  You’ll get to do fun, meaningful work and get paid very well for it.

  • You’ll work with some of the most creative, talented and engaged people you’ll ever meet and form bonds that last a lifetime.

  • You’ll definitely learn just as much as you teach. The best way to become a better programmer, developer or engineer is to teach others!

  • Expand your personal and professional network.  Many former DMA staff have gone on to careers at places such as Google, Apple, Facebook and more.

  • Opportunities to work at some of the most prestigious and beautiful university locations in the country!


If you are passionate about education, and ready to take the first step toward a transformative summer experience, visit <>. to learn more about being a Digital Media Academy Instructor in our kids and/or teen programs.

How to Apply: visit . to learn more about being a Digital Media Academy Instructor in our kids and/or teen programs.