Company: Dassault Systemes

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Providence, RI
  • Educational Requirements: Masters Degree

Background: 1. 1~2 years experience in developing both desktop app and web based applications (using web component, javascript, etc.) 2. Experience in designing and implementing data models for such applications is highly desirable. 3. Experience in user interface development is required 4. Ability to quickly understand the essence of usage of engineering / scientific computation tools is desirable. 5. prioror knowledge in the domain of simulation, engineering and design exploration is a plus 6. prior experience of leading a complex software development project Competencies: 1. proficient in javascript, html5, java, C++ 2. very good understanding and experience in whole lifecycle of software development process 3. Strong speaking and written communication skilss 4. strong leadership skills 5. strong team player Motivations/Interests: 1. Must be a highly self-motivated person 2. Must have strong interests in exploring new technologies 3. Must be interested in exploring and understanding existing codes/infrastructures. 4. Must be interested in software design in addition to software implementation.

How to Apply: Send resume to