Software Development Engineer, Platform or Applications

Company: Intentional Software COrporation

General Information
  • Job Type: Internship
  • Location: Bellevue, WA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information
  • Name: Kelly Costello
  • Phone: 425.678.6929
  • Email:
  • Address: Kelly Costello at
  • Website:

Are you the person on your team who is always looking for the right abstractions to express the solution?  Do you believe that code generation can greatly increase productivity and quality?  Are you the type who wishes that user interfaces had kept up with the developments in modern graphics hardware, and that the cool UIs in movies were available to people in real life?


Intentional Software Corporation (ISC) is looking for smart developers to contribute to a next-generation software platform and/or applications built using that platform.  ISC has been building the world’s leading meta-programming technology, which we are now applying to create software for customers with high-value problems that no one else can solve.  Our software captures the intention and knowledge of our customers’ top experts and projects it into many useful forms, including direct-manipulation UIs with rich graphics and animation.  Software built on it spans a spectrum from domain-specific languages to productivity applications.


We are continually improving our platform and are also building flagship applications in-house that leverage our technology.  We are looking for software engineers who thrive on continually pushing the envelope, and we think we offer one of the best opportunities in the industry to truly apply your skills.


You should have the following expertise:


  • Exceptional software design and coding abilities

  • Fluency in C# or C++

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or a related discipline is desirable


    We are hiring for many different teams, and experience with any of the following will be a plus:


  • Knowledge representation

  • Excellent UI sensibilities

  • Strong domain analysis skills

  • 3D graphics

  • Databases, especially object or graph

  • Layout and hit-testing

  • Compiler construction, including code generation

  • Animation

  • Declarative programming

  • Data visualization

  • Model based software engineering

  • User input technologies including multitouch, speech, and ink

  • C++ template meta-programming

  • Productivity applications

  • Programming language theory

  • Distributed revision control

  • Concurrent programming

  • Semantic web stores and reasoners

How to Apply: Email Kelly Costello at, include cover letter, resume and transcripts