Software Engineer – Web Applications

Company: NextJump Inc

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: New York, Boston, San Frnaci
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

Next Jump is looking for full-stack web developers to work in a number of different technical roles. We screen for a wide array of skills from back-end to front-end, as requirements for specific roles vary and you will move from project to project. Being adaptable is a must, and business and problem-solving skills are a big plus. We're looking to get the smartest people on the bus - if we like you, we'll find you a seat!




·         Proficiency with HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, as well as familiarity with cross-browser optimization

·         Experience with one or more web-scripting languages (PHP, Go, Ruby, Node.js). Next Jump primarily develops in PHP

·         Experience with relational databases and other data stores. Next Jump uses msSQL and Redis

·         Full-stack skill set. You will be expected to work on projects from the design and planning phases through several rounds of coding and testing, until it is completed.

·         Pursuing BS or MS degree in CS, HCI, IS or related field




·         Proficiency with one or more code editors or IDEs. Most commonly used at Next Jump are SublimeText, Eclipse, and Vim

·         Experience with one or more MVC frameworks. Next Jump uses Zend, an MVC framework for PHP

·         Experience with mobile website optimization and responsive design

·         Experience with revision controls systems like SVN


About Next Jump


At Next Jump, we believe that people are the center of everything. The best way to create happy, engaged employees is to focus on culture. Our Culture is broken into two components: Personal Growth and Helping Others. Everything we do at Next Jump follows this simple mantra: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. By focusing on personal growth we are able to help others - in the end, everyone wins.

We design and build products geared towards bettering both employees, starting with our own, and companies, to result in a better world. We provide employee engagement programs, which include a variety of products from a savings and reward site to engagement applications, to Fortune 1000 companies as a platform to achieve this goal.

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