Company: e3datasolutions

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

About Us:

E3datasolutions is a cloud computing start-up focused on bringing new products to the health care industry. Located in Tech Square in the Centergy building, we are at the nexus of the growing Health Information Technology community for the south.


About the Job:

·         We are looking for someone who can work 40 hours / week starting ASAP.

·         Collaborative, creative, casual environment

·         Must work onsite - No remote or “work from home” applicants accepted

·         Salary will be based on the candidate's experience and skill set. Benefits include insurance, bonuses, and vacation time.


·         Listen to the Ux team and the customer

·         Think!

·         Design - Write code

·         Test your work – build realistic test scripts

·         Demonstrate your work product in a convincing manner to your peers

·         Publish in minor increments without breaking stuff

·         Document your work

·         And repeat!

Required Skills:

·         1+ years of REAL development experience with PHP, MySQL

·         Setting up and maintaining sites in Apache

·         Mid- to senior-level PHP development skills

·         Mid-level MySQL development skills, including architecting, migrating, and optimizing database schemas or queries

·         Mid-level HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming skills

·         Strong working knowledge of Git or other version control systems

·         Experience working with MVC

·         Organized and attentive to detail

·         Documentation Skills

·         Documentation Skills

·         Documentation Skills

·         (did I also say Documentation Skills)

Desired Skills:

·         Mobile Application Management

·         JQuery Mobile

·         Knowledge of agile development methodologies

·         Comfortable with the Linux command line

·         Experience configuring Linux servers

·         Experience with MVC frameworks

How to Apply: Apply for this position by sending your resume and contact information to