Company: Juniper Networks

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Network Security - This a dynamic industry teeming with innovation and opportunity to define real solutions that go beyond traditional approaches like firewall and signature approaches.  It's time to leverage the cloud to attack these threats: the data sets are large, the threats complex, and only the smartest will be able to find the needles in the haystack that are malicious.  It's the right time to join a new team at Juniper Networks: Juniper Web Intelligence. Juniper Web Intelligence is establishing a new location in Austin with the charter prove Juniper as the web security leader by stopping evil happening on port 80/443.  We need people to own responsibility for developing a web proxy platform in the cloud and on prem, the algorithms, and the approaches that connect the potential of cloud to stop advanced web threats.  Juniper Web Intelligence is the epicenter for advanced web defense in Juniper, and now is the time to join.


The successful individual will embody many of the following attributes:

Highly Motivated and Creative Individual
World class programmer with deep understanding on computer science
Wants to build ubiquitous cloud and on premise platforms as the basis for developing advanced web security technology.
Desire to protect people and assets from advanced threats on the internet.
Get it done and don't let anything get in the way attitude.
Enjoys growing the strength of the team by learning and teaching outstanding peers.
Cares about influencing the work environment for the better - Team, Physical Surroundings, Process.
Prefers to iterate, not ruminate (Make it work, make it right, make it fast, ordered mentality)


You will be working on:

Building a world class web proxy that can integrate with enterprise systems either in the cloud or on premise.
Juniper's next generation cloud platform.
Cloud based systems to collect data from many sources real-time.
Creating and integrating the engines and techniques that will find and stop web threats.
Cutting edge technologies and languages to solve the problems.


You can expect:

A small company vibe where everyone makes a big difference.
To work on product features from day one.
Working in a bustling energy filled atmosphere in Austin, TX.
Great stuff like donuts, free sodas, and cocktail Thursdays.
To make a big impact on the team with broad ownership over your code and problem space.
Work with peers who have your back and want you to be successful.


Preferred Experience and Skills:

Experience with OO languages such as C++ or Python
Advanced math skills are a plus
Platform development experience a plus – especially proxy and/or caching systems
Knowledge of hosted services (think AWS like)
Understanding of operational procedures in large-scale data centers a plus.
Network Security experience is a plus

How to Apply: Go to and apply or send me an email at