Company: Bionic Sciences

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Compensation: project fee based
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

Company Background 

Bionic Sciences is a startup company based on technology developed by the Ga Tech BionicsLab of Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo. A link to the basic technology and one of its applications can be seen on YouTube: Additional information is available by searching under “Tongue Drive System” in Google. The company will be commercializing a new application related to speech therapy and communication. 


It is currently looking for individuals with certain knowledge and experience to work on funded projects for between 3 and 6 months.  A fixed fee and timeframe consulting contract will be established for the project and payments will be made against milestone achievement. The project-based opportunity has the potential to lead to full time employment depending upon the individual’s performance and company development. We will be preferentially interested in individuals with certain qualifications and their interest in establishing a long-term relationship with the company.


Major Functions

The Software Engineer role is a project based contract opportunity to design user interface software from the signals that emerge from a new Tongue Tracking System configuration which will display tongue movement and position in space and time for a patient to enable them to improve their speech or communication disorder. Creative design and engaging graphical user interface development skills will be critical to achievement of an interface that is usable and understandable by patients and their Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) clinicians. 



Major Responsibilities:

Develop software functional specifications and code

Interact with patients and SLP clinicians to help design and optimize the usability and efficacy of the visual biofeedback associated with the parameters monitored by the system. 

Participate in clinical research projects aimed to test and enhance the system’s clinical utility. 

Document all the work consistent with medical quality assurance guidelines. 


Knowledge Requirements:

The Software Engineer should have knowledge of:

Sensor signal processing and DSP

GUI design and development

MATLAB, LabVIEW, C++, and Java

Real-time software programming

Real-time high-throughput data acquisition from hardware

Quality systems development for medical devices 


Education and Experience Requirements:

Required: University degree with Software development specialization. Demonstrated software project development skills. GUI, gaming, and 3D visualization skills

Preferred: Post graduate degree or work experience in GUI software development in the medical field. Experience in data acquisition from external sensors and hardware, Real time software programming, Medical, Biology, Scientific and/or Mathematical education or orientation is a plus.



Special Job Requirements:

Requires the ability to coordinate and prioritize a high volume of work and multiple tasks.

Agile verbal communications skills to work with patients, medical personnel and engineering disciplines.   

Minimal travel to clinical sites might be required.  Initially this will largely be local. 

Very strong interpersonal verbal and written skills.

Technical writing skills for generating patents and scientific publications 

Willing to accept other company support related

How to Apply: send resume to