Company: FindTheBest

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

About Us:

Just two years since launch, FindTheBest has grown from a small Santa Barbara garage to a 70+ employee company with 25M+ visitors a month, already a quarter the size of Yelp. Everyday, even the newest employees make a giant impact on our millions of users. If you’ve ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur—but want the security of a company built for success—there’s no better place to start your career.

FindTheBest helps people make big decisions. We collect, organize and present data in a consumer-friendly format so our users can pick the best smartphone, college, ski resort (and 800+ others) for them. Many employees specialize in one of 10 broad categories—like travel, sports, health, or education—designing smart filters, colorful visuals, and easy comparison tools to help people decide.

We're backed by two VC firms: Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and New World Ventures. Our founder/CEO previously started DoubleClick (sold to Google for $3.1B). Located in Santa Barbara (“Silicon Beach”), we're fast-growing, and best of all, fun. Employees enjoy snacks, a game room, quick access to the beach, and daily classes with a personal trainer. Career opportunities abound for smart students from just about any background, from software engineering to sales to marketing to research and writing.

About the Position:

As a software engineer, you will join a small team of elite developers working to build the fastest, most comprehensive, and most user-friendly data platform living on the semantic web. You will commit code several times a day, and your work will be immediately seen by millions of users. We launch fast, and we iterate quickly, and will rely on you to build killer products (not features) at mind-numbing speed. And occasionally, you will debate with your colleagues about how best to quantitatively rate Pokemon Cards ( Still working to crack that problem...

Please include your GPA (cumulative, and Major/Minor) and your graduation date on your resume or cover letter.


  • Expertise in at least one major programming language: JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C++, Ruby, etc.
  • Command of a server-side programming language (PHP on Apache preferred), and a solid understanding of the HTTP protocol, and the DOM (CSS, HTML)
  • Proficiency in SQL (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases
  • Comfort working in a UNIX environment (or excited to learn)
  • Desire to build and prototype new products and features
  • Pluses: a love for optimizing even the fastest code, minor delusions of grandeur (Napoleonic complex acceptable)
  • Olympic-level-proficiency in ping pong (strong kick-ball skills acceptable)

How to Apply: Apply online at or through CareerBuzz