Company: Rocket Whale

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA

As a Client Services Mid-Level Software Engineer at Rocket Whale, most of your time will be spent working on our flagship client product developing world-class advertising & data analytics software.

Who We Are

We believe that amazing things happen when talented, driven and fun people come together and bust their asses to achieve a shared vision. That vision drives us to deliver software design and development services that support the development of the next generation of policy management software, which is 1 of about 20 segments of the $6B/year GRC software market. This software helps manage the lifecycle of company policies and automates and improves a plethora of related tasks, which helps companies systematize their business and stay in compliance with assorted regulations. Our culture at a glance:

  • We're smart, fun people that get shit done.
  • We're fanatical about testing, automation and systematizing.
  • Our development is driven by content-out interface design.
  • We highly value trust, honesty and open communication and exemplify our 10 dimensions.

Who You Are

This is a mid-level position which, to us, means:

  • You live the 10 dimensions a majority of the time and collaborate with teammates and managers to demonstrate them.
  • You can be given less specific goals and will be passively supervised to help achieve those goals.
  • You are comfortable within your technical domain but often require help from others to achieve goals.

What You’ll Do

You will build our client’s flagship, enterprise-level product (think Google AdWords meets Google Analytics). If you worked on this project over the past several months, you might have done these things:

  • Created user authentication using Devise and Omniauth in Ruby on Rails.
  • Automated User Access Restriction testing using Cucumber, Capybara and Selenium in Chrome.
  • Created an Ext JS grid that displays real time data.
  • Created a deeply nested tree in Ext JS  that loads asynchronously.
  • Passionately debated how a new feature should be implemented with a product manager and UI designer.
  • Created an interactive chart using d3 and Rickshaw.

Using these technologies:

  • Front-end:  Ext JS 4, CSS3/SASS/Compass and more.
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails 3, node.js, MySQL, MongoDB and more.

What You’ve Done

You have:

  • A demonstrated passion for software development.
  • Experience building and shipping rock solid software.
  • A strong background with Ruby on Rails or equivalent experience that makes it clear you'll excel at it in time.
  • References that are happy to talk about what an amazing software developer and person you are.

What You’ll Get

This is an opportunity to be one of our earliest full-time employees and to work with a team of driven, motivated and fun people at a bootstrapped, profitable startup with a bright future. You’ll get:

  • A results-oriented work environment.
  • The laptop and workstation you need to succeed that becomes yours after a year.
  • A start as a full-time employee with the salary, equity and benefits you need to be happy.
  • A one-month and three-month performance review to make sure things are working out.  If you aren't happy after a month, we'll give you $1000 to walk away.
  • Unlimited future growth opportunities at an early stage startup.

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