Company: Engaged Education

General Information
  • Job Type: Other
  • Location: Charlotte, NC or Palo Alto, CA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

Engaged Education is a seed stage, funded company, founded by three Stanford graduates and experienced entrepreneurs. Engaged Education aims to revolutionize childhood education with a wearable device that measures the quantity and quality of parent-child interaction.  Over 30 years of research shows that the number and quality of words spoken directly to a child is the single greater predictor of educational success.  


We are looking for self-driven team players - open to intern/ contract work with potential to move to full time role - that want to have a lasting social impact by improving education while creating value in the process.


Key education/ skills:

                CS or Engineering Degree

                Languages: C, C++, HTML5

                Writing and/or modifying algorithms to run on embedded systems

                Audio & Language Processing Algorithms


Key tasks:

                Research & implement speech processing algorithms to run real time

                Solve memory and runtime optimization challenges within our platform

                Develop web and/ or mobile app with speech analytics and integrated communication tool

                Write efficient automatic testing features in our code

                Work with with hardware engineers to optimize integration

How to Apply: Email resume with covering note detailing relevant experience, interest and desired term.