Solution Development and Integration Consultant

Company: OpenSpan

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Masters Degree


OpenSpan has a unique full-time opportunity for the right person to join our highly motivated implementation consulting team. Candidates will have deep experience in rapidly developing solutions leveraging a Microsoft Visual Studio type IDE or .NET environment for enterprise deployment. Working knowledge of .NET design and component architecture, engineering disciplines, customization frameworks, and integration into client systems in rapid-delivery project efforts. We are seeking mid to senior level technology experts for responsibility in the aforementioned technology environments who can own the installation thru integration activities. The ability to lead the client to their applicable technology standards to embrace OpenSpan's best-practices using our OADM methodology is the norm.

Responsibilities Include:

  • 2 years experience with development
  • Perform on-site detailed discovery of client's applications utilizing the OpenSpan Platform
  • Facilitate, gather, and prioritize client requirements assuring scope fits to fixed-time / time-box delivery intent.
  • Definition, design, and development of client solutions using the OpenSpan IDE toolset
  • Integration / customization in a .NET development environment
  • Application design applying component / object architecture
  • Creation of test strategy, plan, scripts as needed to assure compliance to requirements
  • Utilization of OpenSpan's Agile Delivery Methodology (OADM) delivering results on-time and on-budget
  • Use of client requirements to drive installation, configuration, and integration recommendations for the solution
  • Identification, definition, and creation of client integration customizations following OpenSpan disciplines and best-practices
  • Review, assessment, and health-check reports for client installations and configurations supporting migrations and upgrades
  • Review of client systems interface / interactions to meet OpenSpan Platform product specifications
  • 80 to 100% Travel

Desired Skills:

  • Have a consultant personality with an implementation consultant mindset
  • Ability to handle and field objections, technical questions, and "what if?" scenarios – thinks, analyzes, and then answers
  • Enables client or teammate knowledge by sharing insights and helpful tips in a supportive / coaching manner
  • Issue resolution is viewed as a time-constrained "best practice" to succeed
  • Non-standard work hours and extended travel acceptable
  • Demonstrates strong communication skills with proven ability to build business relationships, engage and influence others.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage several projects simultaneously
  • Tenacious work ethic, passion for delivering results and strong drive for achievement

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge and hands-on skill in design, development, and integration of .NET products, MSSQL, and Oracle RDBMS
  • Java, JVM, JNI and COM experience
  • Working knowledge of .NET design and component architecture
  • Advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio or similar IDE
  • Bridge the gaps of software application integration challenges and IDE solutions leveraging your diagnostic problem solving skills
  • Installation of .NET products, MSSQL, and or Oracle RDBMS is a plus
  • Must be able to perform in a fast-paced interactive delivery and development environment, OpenSpan's Agile Delivery Methodology (OADM)
  • Highly intelligent and ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Basic working knowledge of SQL is required. Specific familiarity with MSSQL and Oracle RDBMSs is desirable, including stored procedure syntax in both environments
  • Excellent troubleshooting, reasoning, design, and risk assessment skills
  • Working knowledge of document, worksheet, and presentation tools from Microsoft or Google


  • BS degree in Computer Science or related technical engineering degree, or equivalent industry experience



How to Apply: To apply for this position, email your resume to