Company: Bond Street Group

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Westport, CT
  • Compensation: $80,000-$100,000 d.o.e
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree
Contact Information

Bond Street Group is a recruiting agency looking to recruit candidates for this Tech Associate position at one of the world's leading hedge funds.

Position Summary:

This Research Technology Application Engineer is responsible for helping our Research analysts effectively use our current portfolio of technology.  This role includes the usual technology support functions (e.g. answering basic questions, servicing routine requests, responding to incidents, & helping users get “unstuck” from any technology hurdles). It also involves partnering with our Researchers to help them understand how to use technology well in their jobs.  This latter responsibility demands a person with sufficient conceptual and intellectual abilities to engage effectively with some of the world’s most sophisticated thinkers in the areas of macroeconomics, econometrics and investment management.  The technology you will support is a highly specialized mix of custom and off-the-shelf systems designed to manage, analyze and visualize large quantities of economic, financial, and market data.  Our researchers are continuously expanding the breadth and depth of their work – and their technology needs are continuously advancing to support them. For that reason, this position requires a person with a high level of learning agility coupled with an insatiable desire to learn new things.

Minimum Position Requirements:

• An undergraduate degree in a technology-related discipline (such as Computer Science or Engineering) coupled with experience in business or economics; or a degree in a business-related field plus professional experience in a technologyspecific job

• A strong academic record, learning agility and conceptual ability

• Some understanding of programming principles, database systems, networking and system administration

• Is a quick, analytical thinker and excellent problem solver; can diagnose a technical situation rapidly within a chaotic environment

• Can communicate clearly and excellently with a wide variety of people / functions and in a wide variety of formats (verbally, in writing, etc.)

• Customer-service affinity

Preferred candidates would also meet the following criteria:

• Experience diagnosing code-level problems in VB/VBA, C#, Java, and/or SQL/Sprocs

• Administrator and/or developer experience within Microsoft environments (SQL Server, IIS, .Net, Sharepoint, Excel/VBA)

How to Apply: email resume and cover letter to