Visual Basic.Net Internship in Brazil

Company: Secullum Softwares LTDA

General Information
  • Job Type: Internship
  • Location: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Contact Information
Job Description
Department the intern will be workingDevelopment Department
Job Description1The inter should develop softwares on Windows and Web using Visual Basic.Net as defined by the analyst, following the deadlines.
Job Description2The intern will work inside a team using SCRUM and CMMI methods to work.
Job Description3Develop testing software following standards established by the analyst.
Job Description4

Research and develop of new technologies following the areas of interest to the company.


Measurable results expected from the internThe company wants all employees have their knowledge, both cultural and technical, increased, this way the exchange would be valid for both parts.
Preparation required from the intern before arrivalIncrease knowledge regarding the technologies needed. Search and acquire knowledge regarding brazilian culture and the company.
Details on the Working ConditionsPersonal Workspace
Internet Access

Learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship

Development Environment (IDE)Visual Basic(Required)
 Visual Studio(Preferred)
Programming skillsHTML(Preferred)
The intern is going to: - have contact with innovative programming archtectures; - learn about web services and ajax integration; - know best agile IT development (PHP). Mastery of technologies used, learning a new culture, knowledge of the needs of the technology market in Brazil and how it works

How to Apply: Contact Iree Skinkle at for information about this internship. This is an AIESEC, Inc. processed internship.