Web Application Developer

Company: GuildQuality

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Midtown, Atlanta, GA
Contact Information
Job Description:
  • you like to build and ship;
  • you value freedom, flexibility, and empowerment;
  • you love working with the best tools;
  • it's important to you to work alongside supportive people who care about and respect you;
  • you get jazzed by the notion that your work will have an immediate, visible, and significant impact on the health and growth of the business;
  • you long for an opportunity to be a part of an award-winning work environment where friendliness is a core requirement for every role, and everyone is focused on measurable results; and
  • you are awesome;
...then we would like to speak with you about joining our team.
We have three excellent people focused on building GuildQuality's product, and we'd like another top-flight web application developer to join our team.
Skills & Requirements
The ideal candidate will have
  • 10,000+ hours of PHP, PHP frameworks and high-performance web applications;
  • a friendly disposition, a love of learning, and an interest in building great products for real customers;
  • a readiness to immediately begin building cool new stuff from the ground up; and
  • an interest in contributing to the robust, open, and encouraging community of small- and mid-sized Atlanta SaaS businesses who are at the very heart of Atlanta's technology scene.
About GuildQuality:
GuildQuality is a SaaS business that helps the very best homebuilders, remodelers, and contractors in North America deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our clients (we call them "Guildmembers") are small and mid-sized companies, representing a “best of the best” in the residential real estate and construction industry.
Ours is a big market and it’s getting bigger: we're squarely at the intersection of reputation management, real estate, and home improvement. We're doing tons of great stuff in this space, and we'd like to have more wonderful people on the team to help us accelerate our pace of innovation.
Work environment, culture, and benefits:
  • We have 14 full-time folks.
  • Half of the team works here in our Midtown office (17th & Spring), and the rest work remotely.
  • We're profitable and growing rapidly.
  • We dig things like craftsmanship, design, and data.
  • We have a Results Oriented Work Environment (ROWE).
  • We don't monitor sick days or vacation days. When someone needs time off, they take it.
  • We have very few meetings, but lots of communication.
  • People work from wherever they're most productive.
  • We're open-book. That means everyone has a clear understanding of how the business is performing.
  • Employment benefits include great health insurance, long term disability insurance, and life insurance.
  • The company matches SIMPLE IRA contributions, up to 3% of salary.
  • We have excellent retreats, where we roll up our sleaves and everyone digs into strategizing about the future of the company, and then we throw down and have a great time.
  • Every single person in the company moves our needle. We have no dead weight getting in the way, no negative attitudes bringing people down, and no bureaucracy adding friction to our progress.
Regardless of the job description and requisite skills, we only hire folks who are motivated, friendly, and team-oriented. No egos, no personal agendas, just a focus on doing great work.
In September, the Atlanta Business Chronicle rated GuildQuality 25th among more than 500 small business applicants for "Best Place to Work in Atlanta." This was the first year we entered, and we were pleased with that, but we're gunning for #1 next year.

How to Apply: Email careers@guildquality.com with your resume, a cover letter, and links to examples of your work.