Web Design for Law Firm

Company: Matt Stoddard

General Information
  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Location: Atlanta, GA

Looking for an industrious student with creative talents to design a website for a law firm.  The website will have a homepage and will navigate to seven or eight additional pages.  I will provide the text for each page on the site, some photographs to be included, and some example websites as a guide.  The hire will build the site incorporating the text and photos.  The site will need to operate properly on all major search engines and mobile devices, and be designed in accordance with Google's search engine optimization best practices.

Assuming the work is well done, in addition to monetary compensation, I will be happy to write reference / recommendation letters and act as a resume reference for the hire.

How to Apply: Apply by e-mail to mattstod01@yahoo.com and provide your phone number for a call back. Be prepared to show an example of a website you have designed.