Web Developer, App Developer, IT

Company: 365 Degree Total Marketing

General Information
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: St. Simons Island, GA
  • Educational Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Job Description:

1.       Vision to serve as the company’s programming technologist now and into the future

2.       Website programmer

3.       Phone app developer

4.       Ability to provide IT support for a team of 20 (could be optional depending on skills)

5.       Ability to solve basic computer problems

6.       Ability to link computer software programs, social media together (SalesForce, Quickbooks, Flicker, etc.)

7.       Proven success in project management

8.       Proven desire and follow-through in staying current with technology


Possible Additional Duties  

1.       Knowledge of server options & capability to link a team of 20 together to access all files

2.       Ability to set up an automatic hard drive and cloud back-ups of all files nightly including remote sales executives (computers and smart phones)

3.       Ability to load all publications into a non-flash based page turning program in less than 4 hours each

4.       Ability to program interactive maps, utilizing google maps, including an itinerary or move planning options


                Salary Range:

                Dependent upon experience and willingness to go above and beyond


                Ideal Personality Qualities:

1.       Leader

2.       Pro-action oriented

3.       Good communicator (able to set deadlines and talk to clients)

4.       Takes initiative

5.       Takes pride in a job well done

6.       Pleasant

7.       Positive (says yes first, then figures a way to accomplish the task)


                Ideal Professional Qualifications:

1.       Proficient in programming in HTML5

2.       GPA over 3.0 with a college education

3.       Ability to program phone apps across multiple platforms (Apple, Blackberry, Android)

4.       Proficient in database programming

5.       PHP, MYSQL, CSS, Java Script, JQUERY, Flash, ActionScript


6.       Knowledge of Adobe CS4 Suite or higher is a plus

How to Apply: Please email letter, resume and samples to jobplacement365@gmail.com