Company: Foresight Technology Inc.

General Information
  • Job Type: Other
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact Information

We are looking for a front-end javascript/web ninja; plain and simple. We’re building an awesome app using some of the latest smug technologies (MongoDB, node.js, express, three.js, less, and a few home-rolled libraries), and we would love your help cranking it out. If you can sling js, love technology, and want an opportunity to work in a fast-paced startup environment, apply.

Of course we are obliged to be a little secretive about exactly what you will be working on, but know that it encompasses many aspects you should be familiar with (HTML5, stylesheets, DOM manipulation, server side templating, etc.). We’ll spill a few more beans during the interview.



  • Experience coding in javascript


Brownie Points:

  • Experience using any of the technologies listed above

  • Experience developing in a Linux environment

  • Experience with Agile software development practices


We are all in the Atlanta area, but we often meet remotely; meaning you get to work from home.

This is a contract position. We will agree on a statement of work (the stuff you’ll be doing) and a price (what we will pay you to do it).  If everything works out, you’ll have a chance at an employment position with plenty of room to grow.

We’re pretty fresh out of Tech with a couple years of industry experience, a ton of motivation, and a game-changing idea. This is a startup. Take a risk and apply.

How to Apply: