Web Development (startup)

Company: Launch Valley

General Information
  • Job Type: Internship
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
Contact Information
Launch Valley is a crowdfunding consulting and advisory startup based in Atlanta. We are currently looking for a web developer to build a website that's capable of doing blogs, post videos, integrate with social media, sign readers up for newsletter, and also post static information. 
Launch Valley is in an unique position. With crowdfund investment being so new, Launch Valley is an expert in putting deals together and also a great advocate in educating investors, universities, and startup companies to take advantage of the opportunities. This is an explosive industry and we believe Launch Valley is in a great position to lead and grow the industry. 
Having a chance to work with a startup is a rare opportunity, we are looking for someone who's enthusiastic and creative. This would be a great opportunity to build your portfolio. 

How to Apply: Please email me your prior web development work/projects.