Web/Software Programmer

Company: IshPeopleSay.Com

General Information
  • Job Type: Part-time
Contact Information

Company: ISH People Say, LLC 
Type : Full & Part Time

Contact: Valerie Love (valerie@ishpeoplesay.com)

IshPeopleSay.Com is a video sharing website with comedic originals, and user-generated content, all covering various realistic categories and subject matters.   We are looking for experienced hands-on software developers to define and implement innovative products that run and perform at cloud scale. Our goal is to create a new social platform and software application that supports hundreds of millions of requests through the API and the UI, which can be available on the web, and mobile devices.  The technical challenges, career opportunity, and great coworkers, add up to a dream job.

We are seeking a highly motivated Back End, and Front End Engineers with a strong understanding of web/UI design, full stack JavaScript frameworks, HTML5 Video Players, & Python and/or Ruby.  We are also not just looking for employees but we are also looking for potential Co founders to help lead and execute this new plan.  We want creative minds to contribute in shaping the designs, functions, and the user interface of our product to help strengthen our presence across the web, and mobile devices. We continuously strive to enhance our user experience and need someone with the skills to push the vision forward. The ideal employees would:

-Elegantly bring designs to life using cutting edge technologies and techniques

-Design and implement UI features

-Prototype new concepts and productize them quickly.

-Work with our user-experience team to design captivating but functional interfaces.

-Work across teams to come up with proposals that leverage, support, and extend common functionality.

-Work with backend engineers to find ways to push the limits to create the best possible user experience possible.

-Make design decisions based on performance, scalability, and future enhancements.

-Develop high-quality, production ready code that will be used by millions of users.

-Lead by example. Guide and mentor other engineers.


Required Skills (at least 3):

-Experience in building web applications

-Able to design and write well structured, easily maintainable, well documented code that balances beauty and pragmatism.

-Deep understanding of web standards & technologies (ex. NodeJS, Backbone/Angular/Ember, HTML5 Video Players, & Python and/or Ruby).

-Solid understanding of user-centered interaction design.

-Prior experience with cross browser platform development. 

-Passionate about web development and up to date with the latest advancements.

-Ability to learn quickly and deliver high quality code in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment.

-Excellent communication skills.

-Experience on multiple Content Management Systems.

-Familiarity with mobile development.



How to Apply: Please submit resumes to info@ishpeoplesay.com or to valerie@ishpeoplesay.com