Name Our New Robot!

Thanks for helping us name our new robot. Watch the video below to see the robot reveal its own name (she speaks, too!).

Congrats to @Beki70 for picking the winning name and thanks to everyone who submitted ideas via Twitter.

What are Humanoid Robots?

Part of the Socially Intelligent Machines Lab, Simon and his new friend are humanoid robots residing in Georgia Tech's Center Robotics and Intelligent Machines (RIM) with their creator Andrea Thomaz.

These engaging bots have the capability to interact with their surroundings, using senses like vision, speech/audio, and contact forces, to work cooperatively with their human counterparts. Socially intelligent, these robots are designed to recognize and capture human interaction around them. The vision of Thomaz's research is to enable robots to function in dynamic human environments by allowing them to flexibly adapt their skill set via learning interactions with end-users. 

Click here to learn more about Andrea Thomaz and her robots.