Book on the Transformative History of HCI Includes Perspectives from Influential Computing Faculty

January 26, 2008

Three College of Computing faculty members have written chapters in the recently published book by MIT Press titled HCI Remixed: Reflections on Works That have Influenced the HCI Community. The book is a collection of fifty-one essays on a range of works in a variety of forms that chart the emergence of many new fields in Human-Computer Interaction. It is important as a whole because
individuals were asked to write about papers that had inspired their

The book was published as part of the HCI Remixed project which aimed to produce a collection of essays in which researchers and practitioners reflect on a paper or other piece of work by someone else, that is at least 10 years old, and that has had a personal impact on their view of or approach to HCI. The book aims to reflectively and appreciatively view the past works in HCI and provide an opportunity to save worthy prior work from obscurity. It will act as a resource for newcomers to the HCI field. Editors of the book are Thomas Erickson, Research Staff Member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and David W. McDonald, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle.

College of Computing Associate Professor Rebecca E. Grinter's chapter titled "The Work to Make Software Work" explains the Software Engineering issues of division of code and coordination in software development. Associate Professor W. Keith Edwards' chapter "Infrastructure and its Effect on the Interface" is about connecting HCI with concepts from core computer science. His chapter is a call to arms for HCI research to be more involved in all aspects of computer science, including networking, security, and others. Faculty member Amy Bruckman has also written a chapter titled "Back to Samba School: Revisiting Seymour Paper’s Ideas on Community, Culture, Computers and Learning"