CoC Undergrads Win Research Awards for Summer

April 9, 2008

The College of Computing would like to congratulate the following students for receiving a Summer 2008 President’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA). In each case, the student will receive a salary to do research on a project.

Daniel Miller, Computational Media
The Online Community Grid
Faculty mentor: David Bader, of Computational Science and Engineering

Moon Logan, Computer Science
Interactive Visualization of I/O System for Supercomputing Applications
Faculty mentor: Ada Gavrilovska, of Computing Science and Systems

Corbin Pon, Computer Science
The Level of Mobile Telephony in the Population of Migrant Workers in Shanghai, China
Faculty mentor: Michael Best, of International Affairs

Jared Caldwell, Computational Media
Real Time Virtual Cinema Camera
Faculty mentor: Michael Nitsche, of Literature, Communication and Culture

Krzysztof Jurgowski, Computer Science
My Paris Year, the Second Life Manifestations: Creating “Spaces” for the Georgia Tech Digital Poetry Initiative
Faculty mentor: Karen J. Head, of Literature, Communication and Culture

Martin Rojas, Computational Media
Machinima: A Procedural and Multi-Input Approach to Emergent Game Play
Faculty mentor: Michael Nitsche, of Literature, Communication and Culture