CoC's Career Development Strives to Help Students Find, Land Dream Jobs

Ashley Rose Edgar, right, directs the Career Development Program for the College of Computing

August 26, 2014

As a College of Computing student, you enjoy access to a world-class faculty employing world-class resources to give you a world-class degree.

But what happens when it comes time to go out into the working world, and you have to go beyond the degree to score that dream job? What about job search and interviewing skills and the ability to present yourself as a prime candidate for that job or internship?

Don’t worry. The College of Computing has got that covered.

Through the College of Computing Professional Career Development Program students gain confidence as they develop the professional skills required to successfully navigate the job search process and prepare them for their future careers.

“We want CoC students to become managers of their own careers, and so we’ve developed a full slate of events and activities over the year that are tailor-made for the computer science student,” said Ashley Rose Edgar, director of career development for the college. “Through our program, participants explore their passions, discover what comprises their dream jobs and develop the tools necessary to achieve their career goals and realize their potential.”

The program aims to empower participants to capitalize upon their strengths, learn about ways to improve job prospects, interface with future employers and more effectively manage career pursuits. This program will provide the information and tools necessary to help prepare participants for a career in the real world by focusing on developing the personal and professional skills necessary for success. 

This program spans all aspects of career development and includes personalized career advising, career preparatory workshops, mock interviews, career fairs, company information sessions, technology talks, hack-a-thons and more. Students who join the program earn points by engaging in College of Computing career activities, and if specified points are earned, will be granted exclusive access to high-profile networking events at the end of the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters. Additionally, participants will become part of a specialized resume book to be provided to corporations affiliated with the College of Computing.

For information about the program, contact Ashley Rose Edgar at arose [at] cc [dot] gatech [dot] edu.

Upcoming programs include:

Google Mock Technical Interview Workshop – 6 to 8pm, Wednesday, Aug. 27, at Klaus 1116 E & W

This workshop will feature strategies and advice from Google representatives on how to be successful during an interview. Google will showcase a mock interview, with emphasis on technical interviewing questions during the workshop. Attend to learn tips, techniques, and tricks, as well as witness firsthand how a technical interview is conducted.

Secrets to Impressing a Recruiter During Career Fair by Microsoft – 6 to 8 pm, Thursday, Aug. 28, at Klaus 1116 E&W

This workshop will provide insider information from Microsoft on ways you can improve your interactions with companies at career fair to land more interviews and job offers. You will learn how to sell your qualifications, convey your passions/interests, connect with recruiters, ask or respond to questions with ease, and leave a positive impression.

Upgrade: Career Fair Preparation & Intern Panel – 5 to 8pm, Friday, Sept. 5, at Klaus 1116 E & W

This event will provide a platform for creating or finessing your elevator pitch, having your resume critiqued, as well as tips on how to successfully navigate a career fair. In addition, you will have an opportunity to learn from a panel of current CoC students who have had experience with internships, particularly those who just completed summer internships with a variety of companies within the industry. You will hear about the companies they worked for, the type of work they were engaged in as an intern, and advice on how to find an ideal internship for you.